Après Noir | Dinner & Concert | Château Le Jardin Event

May 17, 2018




MAY 17, 2018

Après Noir is the exemplification of a night out for Toronto’s indulgent urban-dwelling elite class.  Branded as a members-only meeting of creative arts, nightlife and fine dining, this show series encapsulates and imports the best of live entertainment and an Epicurean experience in an opulent event facility Château Le Jardin.

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Possibly best known for his globally resonant hit “Blurred Lines,” Robin Thicke provides the musical backdrop for the newest edition of Après Noir. Having released seven studio albums as a solo performer, Thicke gets in touch with his Canadian roots for a select live performance in Toronto.



Arianna Martina Bergamaschi, also known as Arianna, is a definitive Italian singer, songwriter, stage actress and television presenter. The 42-year-old dance-pop musician claimed top-100 positioning in 2013 alongside Pitbull on the song “Sexy People.” With numerous theatre credits throughout her career, including Un Viaggio D’Amore, Pinocchio, and Romeo and Juliet, Arianna’s pedigree finds a home at Château Le Jardin on June 7th.


Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, some consider Daniel Mazzone to be the next Andy Warhol. His work has found a home in the prized collections of some of the world’s most-recognized art collectors. Mazzone’s talents as a curator will be on display and in action at Après Noir.




DIA sings in no less than 28 languages, including English, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew, French, Farsi, Portuguese, Arabic, and Balkan dialects. Providing vocal talent at the closing ceremonies of the Toronto 2015 ParaPanAm Games at Nathan Philips Square, her intrinsic expertise is undoubtedly well-regarded throughout the GTA region while recognizing the diverse cultural voices that her hometown has to offer.

British Crooner Mark Kingswood and his Big Band

Mark Kingswood couldn’t hide it if he wanted to: music is his passion and his playground. As a singer , avid musician and producer , his love for Jazz, Big Bandand Pop shine through his evocative song writing. Inspired by musical icons like Frank Sinatra , Matt Monro and Tony Bennett , Mark’s music has a unique sound influenced by the likes of Michael Bublé , George Michael and Josh Groban. Backed by a live orchestra and paying tribute to different musical eras, Mark offers his own special flair to an enduring musical genre, making it accessible and relevant for a new generation of music lovers.





Having starred in some of the globe’s most notable television series’ of all time, Bob Saget is household fixture when it comes to comedy. Beyond an eclectic track record of stand up comedy milestones, starring roles in “Full House” and “America’s Funniest Home Videos”, as well as become a best-selling author, Saget’s original pallet of dark humor could be considered unmatched. May 17th 2018, this iconic American personality hists the season-opening edition of Après Noir.





Celebrity chef, restaurateur, and reality television personality Bobby Flay curates the high-class menu for the first taste of Après Noir. Hosting several Food Network television programs, Flay brings both character and culinary prestige to Canada for this rare appearance.